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. . ..Today I'm taking YOU by the hand, and showing you the secrets to getting your ex back in your life, no matter what went wrong or why you're not together anymore...


Hi - My name is Brock Firestone, creator of the Cupids Cure system. I've helped thousands of people just like you as a relationship consultant, and continue to do so every single day of the week!

I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what you're going through! I've heard and seen it all from cheaters, to abusive relationships, to rocky on-off-on-off problems, to 10+ year marriages falling apart... If I can help all those people, I KNOW I can help YOU TODAY as well...


Read EVERY SINGLE WORD on this page and take advantage of that
small window of time you have left before he or she is gone forever...

You'll be surprised to know that getting your ex back is actually quite easy... in fact, today - I'll show you how to get THEM to want YOU back - in a strong way! Even if a lot of time has passed since your break up.

Some people know these tactics well, while many just haven't had the pleasure of truly understanding male/female psychology and how to push the right buttons... These 'psychological fire triggers' apply to both men and women, however each are handled differently. Your EX will literally be begging for your forgiveness and to give them another chance. And once you have this kind of power over your partner, the rest is a piece of cake!

I'm going to teach you secrets today that over 94%
of people will NEVER know about their partner.

1. How to literally get inside your partners head and always stay a few steps ahead of them.

2. How to trigger their emotions & psychologically create anticipation to the point where they cannot resist you ever again.

3. The most important - How to keep your fire burning on and off the dance floor - your ex will stay loyal forever...

Here's How Most People Operate When A Break Up Is On The Horizon:

Oh you'll know!

Most feel that "something is wrong"!!

You KNOW that sooner or later - the truth will show its head, you'll get the signals that NOBODY wants to get...

Even if your relationship seems peachy keen, things just get 'different'...


... They stop showing you those same types of looks.

They stop giving you the same type of raw affection...

They start to show you less respect when other hotties walk by....

All the while - YOU just try to be understanding and do what you can to make them happy, and be the best you that you can be... until eventually the inevitable happens, you knew it was coming, your butterflies in your stomach were RIGHT!

They finally turn to you one day and say "I think we should talk..."...

THAT moment, is one of the toughest moments to go through no matter HOW many times you go through it. Even though you knew it was coming, it caught you off guard, it made you red, sad, angry, hard to stay composed but in the end you have too much pride to sit there begging for them (which is good!), and so it ends with small excuses like....

I think it's just time to for me to focus on me for a while, I need some time.

It's not YOU babe, it's just something I need to do, it's ME.

I still want to remain close, just not the way we used to be for now...

It's all confusing but it's all the same... sometimes they handle themselves well, sometimes they go on to explain where the relationship went wrong or why they don't feel what they used to, and bang... they are out of your lives while you.... well you get the rest because you LITERALLY just went through it!

Let me ask... . .. does this list below resemble your routine lately?

Can't eat because you just do not have an appetite, instead you have tons of nerve wrecking butterflies
Can't listen to music because all the latest tunes remind you of your lover
You tempt yourself to call them, text them, email them often, but have no real clue what to say
You check your email and phone hoping to dear god that it's them finally coming around
Checking out their facebook, myspace, tagged or any other social account to see what they are up to
Not seeing your friends or going out because you are depressed & might miss them stopping by
Constantly thinking what could have/should have happened differently the day it all blew up
Feeling really depressed and unmotivated to work or laugh or do anything more than binge on junk food and sink into a slump... . .. It's like you're under a love spell and can't break free!!

. .. . . when you guys finally do talk again, you think it's going to go well because you miss each other so much but usually it just gets messy and goes nowhere positive, because you were ill prepared... you probably get defensive, hot, nervous, over-react, and bang before you could even get anything accomplished you get the dial tone and your heart rate doubles...

Secret #1 To Getting Your Ex To
Want YOU back:

I know.... You're hurting!! Right?!

.. . .. you can't stop thinking about it - where did it all go wrong? WTF?!

You used to be perfect together... Now you have a broken relationship and don't have a clue how to fix your broken heart or get your ex back... . .

Why can't you just figure out what makes you two happy anymore?!?!

Now imagine for a second, taking all those crazy feelings of rejection, nerves, butterflies, appetite loss, sleep problems... and dumping them all onto your EX so they feel that exact way... while you don't anymore...

Imagine THEM feeling all these crazy emotions you're feeling right now... Imagine how fast your partner would come running back to you...

Now STOP Imagining it, today we are going to make sure that this happens, we're going to make it a reality....

The truth is - the ONLY reason ANYBODY wants their ex back soooooo bad, and the only reason you are going through all these emotional roller coasters, is because YOU GOT REJECTED! Nobody can resist this or fight these feelings of not being able to have something they just had yesterday, and not being wanted or loved anymore all of a sudden... NOBODY is that strong.

The ONLY thing that's important in your mission right now is to reverse this feeling of rejection in a few smooth moves.

We're going to show you EXACTLY what to say and do in order to make YOU the confident happy individual, and make THEM feel like they are the one's that got rejected, and THEY WILL be affected by their own feelings to the point where they will be a blithering mess without you...

See, men and women are simply programmed differently, and as much as you try to communicate with your partner or try to outdo their antics with your deep thoughts and plans of action.... chances are you're either creeping them out, or have no clue which psychological buttons to push, and so they respond poorly....

If you use the proper triggers, your ex will be in your arms FAST! And.. ...

.. ..They start calling you more...

They start wanting to hang out more...

They start being committed and pleasing you in ways they never have...

... If you use the wrong triggers though. ....

.. . . your ex is GONE FOR GOOD. It's that simple, and truth be told - I'll repeat it - getting them back is NOT the hard part... we'll get into the hard part later, but right now I KNOW you simply want to win them back, and to know how to stop feeling all the crappy things you're feeling right now, so let's get to it....

Introducing The First All In One System To Getting
Your Ex Back FAST, & Keeping Them Forever!

After 11,000 couples, over 80 countries, a few years worth of data, and a success rate of 96% combining all our tests and analysis... We're finally pleased to say we have published the FIRST all in one easy to use system that will show YOU step-by-step tactics to get your ex to want YOU back fast. You'll learn exactly what to do, what to say, how to say it, how to think, how to create anticipation, how to influence, how to use the law of attraction, and how to psychologically stay in control so he or she is constantly wanting to please you...

Our team has been contributing and compiling data from our own experiences as well as exhausting interviews with relationship coaches, marriage consultants, and successful long lasting 5+ generation families from across the globe. These people generally charge $100's to $1000's of dollars for their sessions to help people solve their relationship problems, or to help people get their ex back...

Now, after plenty of versions and market research, we've compiled all this lucrative information into a simple downloadable link which is available to anyone - anytime! No more one to one relationship consultations, you don't need them! With this package, more people will be able to take advantage of our info and it will cost MUCH LESS than any of our one-on-one's....

We spent quite a bit of money and time as a collective to finally establish a REAL connection with our audience and client base, and not to toot our own horns but the team came up with something extraordinary which isn't being offered by ANY other site or service.

This blueprint is factual, cohesive, and packed with everything from best things to do and say, to worst things to stay away from and never try! We'll SHOW YOU THE PROPER WAY to get your ex back today. Everything is here in easy to follow instructions...

Cupid's Cure!! Get Your Ex Back NOW!

  • Six Things You MUST Understand Well: You're getting over 35 min. of audio that covers EXTREME FIRE TRIGGERS to get them crawling back to you like a puppy.
  • NEVER DO THIS>>! If you pull off this move (many do it actually), you're bound to lose them forever along with their respect for you as a person, you won't even know when or why...
  • Do you believe in magic? - We include free software that shows you how to use the fabled power of the law of attraction. Trust me when I say you will not stop at just getting your ex back!
  • How To Keep The Flame Alive! - So you got them back!! Now what? You make sure they never leave you again! We show you how to keep the relationship on fire with our 'Keep The Fire Burning' Bonus!
  • Partner Had An Affair? - Discover how this can actually work in your advantage and how you can win them back even if you believe there is no hope!
  • Don't Know What To Say To Them? Don't worry we have got you covered! By the time you have absorbed our materials, you'll have THEM addicted to YOU in no time!!
  • New Beginnings! – Learn how restarting the relationship will actually strengthen your relationship and make it even better than you thought it could be!
  • Scared Things Will Be Awkward? - Don't worry, Cupids Cure will make you more confident, loving and considerate to your partner. They will be eating out the palm of your hand!
  • Why Me? - Find out EXACTLY what your partner finds attractive about you and how to use it to make them swoon for you again!
  • Seduction Secrets! – As a special bonus you will learn how to attract and or seduce ANYONE you want – we trust you will only use these powerful techniques for your ex!
  • Unannounced Bonus – You will love this! Enough said!
  • Peace of mind – If it does not work for you then we won't charge you! No questions asked money back guarantee for 60 days! You also have total privacy with our package

Cupids Cure is the “Silver Bullet” that you need to get your ex back, or save your relationship/divorce/separation, in record time.

With this one-of-a-kind relationship saving support system, you’ll be empowered with a new to market e-book packed with highly controversial methods that work, interactive software that helps you assess and prepare for your next move, audio recordings that take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to get your ex back in just days from now, and we're now also including a few unadvertised bonuses to help YOU be prepared to the max!

Cupids Cure, which downloads onto your computer (meaning you can order and start ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE even RIGHT NOW!), makes saving your relationship fast, actually fun, and easy, regardless of the reasons why you're in this position to begin with.

So whether you’ve just broken up, are just about to, or if its been years since your ex left, this revolutionary package guarantees that the two of you will be back together in no time. 

It takes just 3 easy steps!


Cupids Cure caters to your deepest needs, and helps you to effortlessly get your ex back in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Download and review the e-book, the free software, and the audio recordings.

Step 2: Absorb what you've learned - Put it into action asap!

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and before you know it—your partner is back in your arms, & you two are happily together again …. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

I know it may not seem that way right now, you're probably smirking thinking 'yeah right!', but trust me, we are creatures of emotion by nature, and what that means is that there’s always a way for us to be influenced into crawling back into the picture….

BUT!! Your Deadline Is Closing In On You FASTER THAN YOU THINK!!

* I'm NOT saying this to scare you, or to be mean... but there is an old saying that goes - "The quickest way to get over your ex, is to get under the next"....

It's a proven fact that people simply need attention after a break up. They call them rebounds, hook ups, booty calls, friends with benefits, whatever... Right now is your time to make sure that your partner is not gone forever, or they are not looking to get 'under the next' already, and trying to forget about you forever.

Hey I'm serious, and I want to make sure YOU get them back, so please take this as a warning whether you decide to take advantage of our package today or not - NEVER wait too long. Statistics prove that the longer you wait after the break up, the less likely your chances of getting them back.

Here's what most people do wrong too.. . . . . DON'T DO ANY OF THIS!!!!!!

You try to make them believe that they won't 'make it' without you, or replace someone like you...

You do your best to make them think YOU love them more than anyone else will...

We say 'SORRY' for every single last little thing, being absolutely gentle and sensitive

Perhaps even try to get them to see how it's not entirely your fault, or anyone's fault

That you really ARE the perfect match, and your relationship 'can't' just 'end' like this, there is too much invested!

.. . . I think the best one of all, and this one is the kicker -
"I promise, I've changed, and I'll keep changing, for the better!!"

It's like every move, every word, every bit of body language you give them, is a repellant and they just can't seem to find the real 'you' anymore and vice-versa...

Hey it's not something to be ashamed of or feel too sorry for yourself over - this isn't stuff they teach you in school, and your friends/family can only help so much.

Plus they'll just tell you what they think you 'need' to hear, not necessarily the truth or what to really do about your feelings... here's a few things you need to consider doing starting RIGHT NOW:

Press Play Below...


.. . YOU can get your ex to confide in you again.. . .

Even if it’s your fault that they left because you cheated

Even if they left you for another person

Even if they flat out told you that there’s no chance they will ever come back

Even if their family totally hates you

Even if you’re dead broke, out of a job, & have absolutely nothing to offer anymore... . . . ...


It will be like old times again!
You, & your boo, sticking together like glue!

Just imagine yourself being back with your partner ….. those nights where you just held each other---for no reason other than just to just hold each other.

Just imagine yourself wining and dining your mate, and putting a genuine giddy smile on their face again.

No really,

take a moment and picture you two happy like you first were... ..

.... .. the sparkle in their eye that they once had when they looked at you , suddenly being back there again, for you and only you.

Sounds too good to be true right?

I know, but don't forget, you're just emotionally distraught and in a love daze, it's MORE than possible.. . .in fact ……

You'll be making love again, & have them
bursting with passion before you know it!

Oh man….you remember how it used to be…

the sex was awesome…. the warmth of their core, the pure passion that you had for each other.. . ..

This part is perhaps the hardest part about losing your partner, but with our unique proven system... . .


  • Have your partner back in your arms, in not months, not weeks, but potentially just DAYS from now
  • Have your mate falling back in love with you all over again
  • Discover how to overcome whatever it is that made them leave in the first place
  • Be empowered with techniques that even the most resistant personality types can’t resist
  • Boost your charisma by 377%
  • Be the romantic and loving partner that they want you to be and use to see you as
  • Step up your game & have them wrapped around your finger in no time
  • Discover how to get your mate and keep them for as long as YOU want….even marry them if YOU so desire.. . ..




Break Up Protector: Our first exercise takes you through a series of questions and quizzes that are laid out similar to a 'who wants to be a millionaire' format. Once you are finished answering these relationship digging questions, your relationship will be assessed and you will be given advice on how to proceed.

Love Doctor: A series of yes/no questions that target the compatibility aspects and personality aspects of your relationship, weeding out the good traits from the bad. This is also followed by an analysis and 'next steps' section. All sections also have a point meter, and a 'stay together vs break up' meter which will SHOW YOU whether or not this is worth saving.

Risk Meter Affair: We simply get a little blunt here with some true/false questions that once again test your relationship and all its good/bad/in between to figure out just where you stand. The important part about using our tool is to be 100% honest with yourself, not answer what you think it wants you to answer but come from the heart, this is how you will obtain the best advice be able to move forward with confidence.

eBook Overview: The CupidsCure ebook comes in a .pdf acrobat readable file, and is quite a big manual... . .. So in this section, we simply go over the main points of the book as a refresher anytime you want to pick up some positive quick notes, or refer to a certain method and technique that you liked.

Bonuses: This section will give you access to our special bonuses that are outlined ahead, let's just say you're going to be fully loaded and ready for the rescue mission!

Over 30 min of audio: We mastered 6 scripts and hired a professional voice over talent to execute the reads. These scripts focus on conversational hypnosis, creating anticipation, psychology attraction positive influence, inspirational living, the law of attraction. These tactics are unorthodox & perhaps even controversial, but THEY WORK!

But wait, you still get more so you're fully prepared……

While compiling all of this, we thought it would be a great opportunity to cover relative topics that overlap and apply to our mission... so after a few round table talks with the internal team, we decided to create a few bonuses that people such as yourself will REALLY get a positive influence from.. . . So once you say yes to Cupids Cure, you’re also going to receive….. 

We know that in order for you to get your x back as soon as possible, you’re going to need everything that you can to make it actually happen for you, so when you say yes to Cupids Cure, you’ll also receive these amazing bonuses as our way of helping maximize your success, and to say thank you for getting into our program.

Bonus #1: Seduction 4 idiots ebook --- There’s nothing like being confident with yourself and your charm. With this unique guide, you’ll discover how to get inside your partners mind, seduce them into falling in love with you even more, and become undeniably attractive to anyone you meet! Although this applies to men, women will still get a great understanding to HOW MEN THINK which is what you're after right now...

Bonus #2: Using the laws of attraction to get your ex back ebook-There’s nothing like having the ability to use the forces of the universe to help you get anything you want, including fixing your relationship and making it foolproof. With this breakthrough guide, you’ll have the “extra” help that you need to ensure that your man/woman comes back to you, and stays with you for as long as YOU want them to be with you.

Bonus #3: Once you get them back - Keep your FIRE burning - To be honest, getting them back into your life isn't really all that hard, you might have already done it once or twice... The hard part is KEEPING them (and yourself, of course) happy, committed, convinced, and confident with their decision to give your relationship another chance. With this bonus ebook, you'll be equipped with an array of methods that will make sure your love keeps burning for as long as you want it to.

Bonus #4: Motivational audio recordings—These motivational audio recordings ensure that you stay focused and on top of your game at all times. We cover really in depth topics from conversational hypnosis, to inspirational living, to creating anticipation, psychological attraction techniques and more.

We also back this software with a set of specifically designed audioscapes/beats/tones/mood music to make your experience that much more in tune with your feelings. These pieces will alter your emotion, will touch you, will get you energized, then relax you, excite you, etc. - We even went through over 850 different female voices before choosing the most soothing and appropriate vocal talent to read and record our material(Fantastic job Nat!).

Simply put…………..Once you say yes to Cupids Cure, combined with these out-of-this-world bonuses, it’s virtually impossible for you to fail at getting your ex back, or saving your current relationship!



Hey, if you're still skeptical, I don't blame you, this is the online world after all!

During our development stage we surfed the net quite a bit to look at what else is out there - and it's rather ironic that most systems seem to follow the same... template?

We noticed all were just a few books/manuals, and the sales pages were pretty much the same with just a few words changed throughout (i.e. "Samantha just threw Tom's Xbox out the second story window and yelled "Get out!" She finally had enough...").

They usually talk about some "Magic discovery" system for 'love' which they found by 'accident' or by interviewing a few hundred couples that rekindled their love after a break up somehow.... The truth is, there is so much psychology packed behind the power of persuasion, subconscious attraction triggers, body language, human instinct, energy etc. at play that it's rather impossible to find a miraculous set of 20 tricks to convince anyone to do anything you want and sell it as a book or two..

We understand this space a lot more due to the factual and cohesive understanding of 'why' and 'how' these triggers that we preach about - work. We deliver the content to you in a way that is bar none the most appealing, effective, and you retain the most information possible in the quickest amount of time. You'll hopefully be emailing us in a few weeks telling us your story and how this worked for you...

.. don’t have to take just my word for it though... ………. here's more proof...


I never thought it would be this easy to make the relationship work!

Thanks again!”

---Jack and Donna, Glastonbury U.K--------------------------------------------------------------------



“It Worked!

We are back on track and together again thanks to your site!

I must be honest I did not think it would but the software helped me change my way of thinking for the better and now we are talking again – taking one day at a time!

Thank you so much!

---Sarah and Tom, Chicago USA ,-------------------------------------------------------------------



“Just a quick email to say Thank you so much for this guide and software, it did the trick! My only regret is that I wish I knew this stuff before we split up! :)

All good now – we are back together and very happy!”
Thanks again,
Sarah Willows, BC, CANADA



“Thought I would send you a message to say a big Thank You for steering me in the right direction and making me happy once again!

It's true I thought all was lost!!! - so glad I found the Cupids Cure!”

Warmest Regards,
Denise Redfield, NYC -------------------------------------------------------------------


.. . .And they go on and on.. ...

With Cupids Cure…..

  • You are going to do something different, STARTING NOW
  • You are going to finally get your ex back, confidently this time
  • You are going to have the love of your life to wine and dine with again
  • You are going to take your game to the next level and have your partner crawling back to you in just days from now. Today is the day for you to make a change for the better by taking that first step to getting your ex back!

Perhaps the best part about it, is that it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!




My iron clad 60 day 100% money back guarantee

I’m so sure that Cupids Cure will provide you with the results that you’re looking for, that I’m willing to back it up for a full 60 days.  

If you’re not completely satisfied with it, even if it’s on the 59th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I’ll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account, no questions asked. It’s just that simple! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

So if you guys are that sure of your system, what if it doesn't work for me?
- While we do boast an extremely high success rate, of course we will not be able to help 100% of the people that try this. We believe that no matter what, you WILL be able to overcome ANY obstacle using our product as no situation is truly impossible...

However, if for ANY reason you are not happy with our system, OR if in 60 days you still have not gotten your ex back - WE DEMAND THAT YOU get a refund! That's right, we back our product with a 100% full refund for a full two months. Now you TRULY have nothing to lose do you?!

What makes you guys different? I can find relationship advice online for free all over the place!
- Yes you probably can :) and believe me we spent THOUSANDS of dollars and hours doing both - researching websites, buying competitors products, seeing what really is out there... While we can admit that there are a few good resources, NOTHING came EVEN CLOSE to what we deliver. In fact - THERE IS NOTHING like this out there yet!!!

We're proud to say that too - 30 minutes of power audio guides dissecting our controversial methods, a full blown artificial intelligence software, bonus material to help with longevity... we simply provide everything you need in one solution, and provide you with intelligence and information that is NOT readily available, that's why we even had to copyright and protect this recently!

How fast can I start this?
- Within the next 3 minutes :) Yep, we've recently set everything up online for INSTANT download. So once you get to the next page, you will simply download your files and can start immediately! No waiting, no shipping/handling, total privacy, and you can do this from anywhere/anytime, even if it's an ungodly 4am and you can't sleep...

Will this work on my computer?
- Yep, we've made sure that both the software, audio, and eBook collection can be opened and ran on any PC operating system including new Vista, and any MAC operating system :)

Is there real people behind this? Can I contact you if I need anything?
- Absolutely! We are a people driven business - we work with people on a daily basis, and would be happy to answer any questions, doubts, or help you with your files if you have any problems. Once you get our system, you will be given a secret email address that goes right to our internal department and we'll be more than happy to help you quickly.


Are you ready to get started?

If you’re really ready to get your ex back & save your relationship, then you want to know how to get started, right? Well, I’m pleased to say that we JUST launched our online download version of the CupidsCure system,
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